Unleashing Imagination, Defying Limits: The World of Al Holt

Discover the Extraordinary Vision of a Storytelling Maverick

Meet Al

In a world where creativity knows no boundaries, meet Al Holt—a trailblazing comic book writer and script producer who transforms adversity into adventure. Al’s stories transcend the ordinary, weaving tales that inspire, captivate, and ignite the imagination.

Join Al on a journey where heroes are born from resilience, and every panel bursts with life. Explore epic narratives, groundbreaking characters, and a universe where anything is possible.


silver scream con
easterseals disability film challenge
48 Hour Film Project


Feature Films

Groundbreaking feature film scripts that spotlight disabled superheroes, blending powerful storytelling with representation to redefine the genre.

Comic Books

Innovative comic book scripts that feature disabled superheroes, delivering powerful stories that champion diversity and redefine heroism.

Series Scripts

Dynamic series scripts centered on disabled superheroes, offering compelling narratives that celebrate diversity and challenge conventional storytelling.

Commission Work

Commissioned work, creating bespoke scripts featuring disabled superheroes that deliver powerful, inclusive stories tailored to your vision.

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