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Commission Work

Commission Work

We see it every day: you have an idea and use it to develop a story with a well-constructed plot line…only to find nobody wants to turn it into a movie. Now what?

Let us show you how to turn it into a comic book script instead!

Al Holt has years of experience taking 120-page film scripts and converting them into 18-22 page comic book or graphic novels. Whether you’ve developed your own characters or prefer to create a story using one of six samples scripts, Al will show you how to turn your ideas into reality.

Watch your stories come to life as they are drawn, scanned, and made available for distribution digitally or in print. Let Al teach you how to be competitive in an ever-expanding market.

And don’t forget to join the Independent Comic Network. After all, by working together, we will make our voices be heard.

Regardless of where you live, it’s time to emerge from the ashes like the ferocious beast that you are. It’s time to send the beams of light from the eyes of these gentle giants, join the pack, and strengthen the stampede.