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Awhile ago, I read an article that said that there was little filming taking place in the beloved city of Hollywood. I offered a solution, I contact my management company (Project Management Media Group), and asked if I could get the ball rolling on my next film to jumpstart Hollywood.

There was nothing. Crickets.

Having said that, I have arrived at an answer – the threat of AI and the possibility of job loss – but is this really a threat? Certainly it challenges the norm, but my writing talent comes with limitations that have been enhanced with AI.

Mainstreaming disabilities through entertainment has been a major goal for a second chance at life, being that I had an AVM in 1993. This new reality is helping to redefine my life, and has given me the new moniker of Al Holt.

AI has significantly improved my chances of reaching my goal, and it is something society has yet to grasp. I noticed this when Drake was copied by AI. This led to attaining the rights to, which has given me a new journey in AI regulation.

I believe Hollywood is scared about the AI software coming out this year that will make it possible for anyone to make a movie at a fraction of the cost, just as it does with a cast and crew.

With AI, I have developed a trilogy of short teasers created by an awesome idea; the fact that are not alone, and that we were NEVER alone.

In fact, they are our star family. They call themselves The Galactic Federation of Light, and I know this is an idea hard to wrap your mind around, but a lot of things will make more sense once you consider and accept this reality.

This trilogy – and so much more – can be found on TikTok at a channel called Story Time.


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