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I’ve always heard you’re not supposed to talk about sex, money, religion or politics, lest you offend those you’re engaging with.

And under normal circumstances I’d agree…only these are anything but normal times.

Which is why I wrote my political opinion in my book, both artistically and subconsciously from my soul. And I am not exaggerating by saying that the world thinks the United States is acting crazy in the current race to the White House.

A friend of mind got back from a South American trip and exclaimed how people there think how strange it is to even have a runner up like Trump. I go by the facts, and the facts question his lack of political experience.

I also question when the last time was that he voted. This seemed to be very important when Meg Whitman (former CEO of EBay) ran for California governor. In fact, it seems to be important for so many people…but not for Mr. Trump.

The United States is going to do what it does, but let my book be a warning to you of what may happen if the decision is made too hastily when portraying loyalty.

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